Oceangoing Hall

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The Dayawan nuclear power plant is the first large-scale commercial nuclear power plant in mainland China, and is also the first nuclear power plant in the mainland to use foreign technology and capital.

The hydropower planning and design is one of the core business sections of the China Electric Construction Group. It has undertaken the planning and design tasks of more than 80% rivers and hydropower stations in China, more than 65% of the wind power and solar power generation projects, and formed clean renewable energy, which can represent the comprehensive competitive power of the country, such as hydropower, new energy and so on. The complete technical service system, technical standard system and scientific and technological innovation system in the source field have the government's trust in the national energy strategy service capability and the leading international advanced technology service capability. In recent years, following the strategic deployment of the group company, speeding up the business transformation and realizing multiple development, it plays an important role in planning and technical support in the integrated technology service of the group whole industry chain.

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